SLIDESHOW: Fall athletes begin their season at tryouts

Jonny Ratner, Photo Editor

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  • Sophomore Samantha Binswanger steps up to hit the ball during a drill.

  • Senior Megan Keller looks to control the ball and move it past her defender to advance up the field.

  • Freshman Sadie Candela looks to advance the ball through defenders on both sides to pass to her teammates upfield. Candela ended up making the varsity team.

  • During a receiver drill, senior Yanni Batsolakis attempts to catch the ball thrown to him as his teammates look on.

  • The team huddles up at the beginning of practice as the coach gives words of encouragement to everyone trying out.

  • Junior Jacob Carrulli and senior Jake Piotrowski fight for possession of the ball in order to move it towards their opponents goal.

  • Junior Yasmin Lee bumps the ball into the air.

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