Senior Reflection: The end of the beginning


Submitted Mia McAuliffe

Mia McAuliffe, Staff Writer

At the beginning of high school, we walked into the halls of this school as small naive freshman. Now, fours years later, I am happy, as many of you probably are, to say that we are finished with our high school years. Over the past couple weeks, my friends and I have been shuffling through old pictures and reliving those unforgettable nights, and yes — it is sad that we have come to the end.

But this is not the end of everything. If anything, this is the end of the beginning.

In high school, I have experienced quite a lot through sports and clubs like, DECA, the Harbinger and the Writing Center, that I believe have shaped who I am, yet there is still so much out there for me to learn. I may have made life-long friends and found activities and hobbies at Algonquin that I will love for the rest of my life. I have been able to continue my passion for softball and volleyball as well as discover new interests in writing and my future career in business a t. But this is a just a fraction of what I want to experience in my life, and I hope you all feel that same way.

Pretty soon, we will be jumping into the abyss of the unknown, and that can be pretty intimidating. But to me, the next part of my life is just as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. Next year, whatever your plans may be, take advantage of new opportunities, reach out to different people and see what the world outside of our small suburban towns has to offer you.