Senior Reflection: Appreciate your parents

You'll miss them when you leave


Submitted Tyler Potter

Tyler Potter, Staff Writer

As we near the end of our high school journey and many of us look forward to college on the near horizon, seniors all around me reflect on what they’re going to miss while they’re away from home. You reminisce on adventures with friends, your favorite restaurant or wonder how you will survive without your dog by your side.

But too often do seniors fail to mention one of the most important things you will miss: your parents.

Throughout the course of high school, there have inevitably been countless fights about anything and everything with your parents. If you’re like me, then you have argued over your love of Netflix over choosing to do homework or the struggles of life choices that come with age. Nonetheless, your parents have most likely ridden you to the fullest extent capable.

However, all of that pushing and prodding has made you the person you are today.

No matter what, parents are your number one fans in your life. Rain or shine, they will always keep an open door extended to you throughout your entire life.

Too often kids don’t take a step back and look at how much their parents have done to try to make them happy. My parents have driven hours and hours for games, watched me play in the rain and complained only minimally. When life came crashing down on me through my injury, they were the ones constantly picking me up and convincing me to keep working, a debt I could never repay.

College is a different life altogether. We won’t have our biggest cheerleaders cheering us on every step of the way like we do now. Our parents (for better or worse) will not be in our dorm rooms to force us to study or to make our favorite meal when we’re feeling down. For most of us, this will be the first time we’re truly alone without the constant support of the people who raised us.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that what I will miss most at college is my parents.  My mother is my best friend in life. Despite her constant snarky remarks and sarcastic comments, she knows me better than anybody else. She inspires me constantly and makes me feel strong enough to face anything. My father is my biggest supporter in life and our late night chats about my future and what I can accomplish will be something I can cherish forever.

As I trudge ahead into the unknown, I am nervous about taking on life without having them to come home to every night.

So as the day that we leave home comes nearer and nearer, I advise everyone to take a second and appreciate your parents. Appreciate the love and support they have given you your entire life and make sure to thank them before you move in your stuff to your new room and they head back home. Let’s make sure we acknowledge who helped us get to where we are now and tell them how much we will miss them.