Senior Reflection: Looking fondly back at the past as we move towards our future


Submitted Darby Kim

Darby Kim, Sports Editor

Here I am, the day this senior reflection is due (sorry Maggie & Elissa), with no idea what to write. But honestly this is pretty on brand for me.

I’ve had just about all the time in the world to write this, but I did just about everything to avoid it.

What I didn’t realize is I wasn’t avoiding it, I just didn’t want to write it. Writing this symbolizes the end of an era and I don’t want to feel like that yet.

It means no more high school dances, no more football games, and no more walks during class with your friends. It means there’s limited time to spend with the people you’ve known for practically your whole life and your friends that are, at this point, family.

I didn’t really believe it when people said it would feel this bittersweet, because if you asked me this time last year, I definitely did not feel like this about school.

I had my fair sure of mental breakdowns at 3 AM studying for an impossible test (AP chemistry definitely wasn’t an ego-booster).

But behind all of the concerning amounts of coffees, major sleep deprivation and a few tears, there are memories with incredible people that I’ll always look back and smile at.

I’ll always remember the countless Dunks trips with my friends, driving anywhere and everywhere, and some insane late night talks.

Everyone is so ready and excited for the future, but honestly my mindset is so far from college right now. I want to hold onto high school for one last summer before it’s gone.

High school is whatever you make of it. I believe if you search through all of the rubble that can be high school, you’ll find all of the gold you were really missing from the naked eye. To the next four years, hold that gold and appreciate it.