Senior Reflection: To all the schools I loved before

An open love (and hate) letter to Algonquin

Katrina Liu, Opinion Editor


I have sent a handful of love letters in my 18 years. But this is the first time I’ve ever attempted a love/hate letter, and the first time I have truly released my 3 a.m. thoughts to the public. But what could be a better audience than the people I’ve been around five days a week for the past four years?

Algonquin, I am (partially) sorry for dreading walking through these halls during many of my days here. Perhaps it’s because I was tired from being here too early in the morning or occasionally having to be here too late at night. However, I am thankful to you for housing classrooms with teachers who made me want to be here longer. So many times did I find myself sitting on a desk at 3:30 p.m. talking to Mrs. Thompson about the excitement of the future or to Mrs. Fitzgerald about my qualms of going to a university with 30,000 people and having to start over. So thank you, for giving me teachers that have taught me more than just the parts of a cell or some common types of figurative language.

Algonquin, I dislike you for the stressful nights where I found myself crying to my mother about the heavy workload that seemed to be aimed at crumbling my aspirations. I dislike you for making me feel like my life is clockwork and for making me feel like I had little time to myself to relax the last four years. But thank you, for giving me people that didn’t make the days the same. They sprinkled laughs throughout my day and added something special to my typical routine. I am privileged to have met some of the most authentic, hilarious and wonderful people at this school, and am beyond excited to see them take on their role in the world. These people have inspired me to be better and do better.

Algonquin, I love you for being the steady foundation that allowed me to start figuring out who I am. On the days I felt on top of the world and the days I cried and hiccuped in the school parking lot, you have shaped me into the person I will leave this building as. You have helped me understand that every single person has a story that may not be displayed in plain sight. You have helped me understand that throughout the worst times of your life, there is always something better ahead.

And now, as I turn to the next chapter of my life, I realize how accurate the above statement is: better times are ahead. But on the flip side, there are more heartbreaking moments to live through that may make the bad things in high school seems like childsplay. But Algonquin, because of my time with you, I feel ready to take on all those life moments. I’m excited to keep filling up my mental scrapbook with the moments that make life as wonderful and frustrating as it is.

As I walk through your hallways one last time, I feel calm. I may not be ready and definitely still don’t know what the heck I’m doing with my life, but I’m calm. Because, Algonquin, you have been with me, directly and indirectly, throughout all of the last 4 years. Through all the times I’ve messed up (which was a very large amount) and triumphed, you have been there with me. So thank you. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

With love,

Katrina Liu