REVIEW: Bartaco brings flavorful Latin cuisine to Boston


Claire Bai

Assistant news editor Claire Bai’s meal at Bartaco consisted of assorted tacos, corn fritters ($6) and pomegranite limonada and nojito drinks.

Claire Bai , Assistant News Editor

Located in the up-and-coming Boston Seaport area, Bartaco is the perfect place for anyone who wants a chill atmosphere and great Latin food.

Bartaco has a calm, serene ambiance, with dim lighting and Latin music softly playing in the background. The long windows allowing sunlight to trickle in, pared down wood furnishings, and various potted plants add to the simple, natural vibe. You have the option to sit by the bar, on the street-side patio, at a table or on the couch.

The waiters are friendly and attentive, taking the time to explain the menu and  Bartaco’s non-traditional ordering system, which is similar to ordering dim sum where you mark your choices on a card.

Most menu items come in small portions so that you can get a taste of everything you want. Bartaco has a wide variety of tiny tacos that can be eaten in just a few bites. The small size and low cost of $2 to $4 allow you to build your own meal and try an assortment of the classic and unexpected taco options. They include baja fish, swordfish, roasted duck, pork belly, carnitas, falafel and many more.

Although they’re small, the tacos pack a punch and have a slight kick to them. Some of my favorites include the swordfish and the roasted duck.

You can also add a variety of Bartaco hot sauces: habanero pineapple, jalapeno or roja, depending on your spice tolerance. I don’t have a high spice tolerance and found the sauces a bit too spicy. My friend didn’t feel any spice at all, however, so it depends. All the sauces are optional so it is up to you to put as much or as little.  

Not only do they offer tacos, but Bartaco has numerous other options, including chips and guac, tuna poke, corn fritters and quesadillas. I had the corn fritters ($6), and they were bold and flavorful, but the cheese flavor was a bit too strong.

In addition, Bartaco has a wide variety of house-made drinks. The cocktails are all made with house-made mixes. My friends and I tried the pomegranate limonada, nojito, and Boylan ginger ale, which are all non-alcoholic. The drinks were crisp and refreshing and paired well with the heavier tacos.

With a number of different tacos, appetizers, and drinks, Bartaco has something for everyone. It’s the perfect place for a date or just a fun outing with friends.