REVIEW: ‘Dazed and Confused’ encapsulates a high schooler’s summer


Permission Maximus Operandi

Staff writer Grace Campbell writes that “Dazed and Confused” portrays a high schooler’s summer in a near perfect way.

Grace Campbell , Staff Writer

As we count down to the last day of school, get a jump start on your vacation and travel back to the 1970s by watching “Dazed and Confused,” a lighthearted 1993 movie following a group of seniors on their last day of school.

At Lee Austin High School, David, Pink, Kevin and Fred, played by Matthew McConaughey, Jason London, Shawn Andrew and Ben Affleck respectively, kick off summer with all their friends drinking beer, smoking weed and of course, performing the ritual hazing of the incoming freshman.

Throughout the film it is apparent that each actor was perfectly cast to play their character. Andrews and Affleck perfectly take on the role of rebellious stoners, while London portrays the typical partying jock. Wiley Wiggins and Christin Hinojosa play the two leading freshmen,  bringing the perfect mix of innocence and curiosity to their roles.

As the group looks desperately for anything to do on the last day, they decide to meet at their local hangout spot, the Emporium, to start the night. This place is somewhat of a home base for them because, from breaking mailboxes to stealing beer, they always end up meeting back at the Emporium.

I found this portion of the movie to be particularly intriguing. As they run into some trouble throughout the night, they never fail to make the watcher feel like they are right along in the action with them.

Along with the seniors, two lucky incoming freshmen, Mitch, and Sabrina played by Wiggins and Hinojosa are invited to hang out at The Emporium. They spend the night playing pool, having their first beers and starting new romances. It was key for these characters to be involved in the plot since it causes younger audiences to feel involved as well.

While the film was really entertaining and fun, I personally am not a fan of the soundtrack. To replicate the time it takes place, there is a lot of disco and rock music which I found to be more distracting than enjoyable. Despite my personal opinion, the music may make the film even better to someone with a different taste.

By the end of the movie, nerds and jocks alike are given their perfect start to summer. While some are driving around town listening to music, others are happy to relax at home. While it does consist of some more mature topics, I would definitely recommend “Dazed and Confused” to any high school student. It is fun, lighthearted, and will put anyone in the mood for summer.