String Orchestra performs at Symphony Hall for first time in school history


Submitted Karmyn Shreeve

The string orchestra performs at Symphony Hall in Boston on May 4 after receiving a gold medal at the MICCA festival in April.

Brianna Tang , Assistant A&E Editor

The String Orchestra performed at Symphony Hall on May 4 after earning gold at the Massachusetts Instrumental & Chorus Conductors Association’s (MICCA) festival on April 6.

At MICCA, each ensemble is judged by a panel of college professors and professional musicians. They are a graded on a rubric of 1 through 5 with 5 being superior, 4 being excellent, etc. Tone quality, balance, blend, and expression, are all taken into account.

“I never expect anything [from MICCA], you never know,” orchestra director Amy Collins said. “Everyone has good days and bad days, and I know the students were really well prepared. We were judged by people with their own opinions, and they liked what we did.”

Playing at Symphony Hall for the first time as an ensemble was a completely different experience for the ensemble. It was very rewarding to play at this well-known venue.

“I think everyone did well, and no one was nervous because this was just a celebration,”Collins said.

The orchestra played three different pieces; Dvořák’s “Bagatelle,” Debussy’s “Girl with the Flaxen Hair,” and Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville.” All the musicians involved were very grateful for this opportunity.

Everything felt so professional,” freshman violinist Srishti Kaushik said. “Stepping out onto the stage was like ‘wow,’ you could feel the difference between standing on the Algonquin stage and Symphony Hall.”

According to freshman first chair violinist Justin Wang, this opportunity was a bonding experience for the orchestra.

The string orchestra has their last performance of this school year on May 29 at Pops Night.

“I feel very grateful for this opportunity because I’ve never played at such an impressive venue before even though we didn’t have much of an audience,” senior first chair cellist Veronika Jaster said. “I’m especially grateful for Ms. Collins to have prepared and guided us so far”