EDITORIAL: Look out for each other

Everyone is going through something


Caroline Raps

This unsigned editorial argues that checking up on friends is essential because everyone is fighting their own unknown battles.

Eight tests, two games, a club meeting, band. Extra help, work, youth group.  Endless things to do, and somehow, all of them need to be done by the end of the week.

Now, multiply that by the 1,450 students that fill the halls of Algonquin.

Understandably, we have a tendency to get wrapped up in our own lives. With so much on our plates, our own personal success oftentimes seems to demand our full attention.

But as much effort as we put into ourselves, it’s equally important to put effort into building connections with others. As we deal with everything that is important to us, everyone else has their own list of tasks and stresses as well.

Sometimes life’s struggles get to be too much to handle on our own. We need that friend to talk to, but it can be hard to reach out. However, as easy as it is to forget to make the effort, it is just as easy and important to check up on those around us.

Pause, send a text, make a phone call, reach out. Invite a friend to lunch, grab coffee and chat, ask how someone’s doing. Endless things that can be done, acts of kindness that can make someone feel infinitely more valued and understood.

Take it from us. Between all of the people we’ve interviewed and all of the stories we have collected, we’ve learned that everyone is going through something. We have interviewed our peers who have been sexually assaulted, suffer with eating disorders and have lost family members in automobile accidents. We have interviewed people about topics surrounding their personal beliefs and morals that may be different from ours. We know how much of a shock it can be to find out that a passing acquaintance in the hallway has been dealing with something we could never imagine, and what’s more, we know the feeling of realizing that had it not been for that unique interview situation, we may have never taken the time to understand.

But we should. Because a simple moment of connection and empathy can change someone’s perspective for the better.

The unsigned editorial reflects the views of The Harbinger Editorial Board.