Inefficient use of TVs leaves student body disconnected

Dear Harbinger Editors,

Over the four years that I have been walking through the Algonquin hallways I have noticed a missed opportunity for the school to connect to its students. When I first saw the large flat screen TV’s located near the athletic office and by the ramp next to the cafeteria, I thought that they would be a great way to enhance the student experience at Algonquin by providing interesting content which students can have discussions about. However, over the years absolutely nothing of use has been displayed.

The administration can and should provide educational and interesting content to students through the televisions rather than displaying stock images and wallpapers that provide zero worth. Why not display world news through an unbiased source such as BBC News or NPR? This would allow students to be more globally aware and will promote social discourse with our peers. Why not show video highlights from Algonquin sports games or footage from a band or chorus performance? This would be a great way to promote school activities and increase school spirit. The TV’s could even serve as motivation for clubs to create promotional videos that would be displayed. For example, the Algonquin Writing Center could make a video promoting their college essay workshops which would be shown on the TV’s and thus generate awareness from students.

I understand that the administration doesn’t want to distract students when they are commuting from class to class, but the punishment for lateness is enough of a deterrent to prevent groupings at the televisions. I have noticed that the Algonquin administration has attempted to use new technologies to their advantage but they have not been properly implemented. In this case it’s not the thought that counts, but rather the execution of the idea.


Armaan Munsiff

Class of 2019