A look into upcoming Spring Art Show


Jonny Ratner

As the spring art show approaches, freshman Colleen Mulligan and sophomore Lauren Decker focus intently to finish their art work.

Elyssa Rubin, Staff Writer

Opening May 14, the Algonquin art show will be hosted by fine and performing art teachers George Hancin, Danielle DeCiero and Michelle Sheppard in the wrestling gym until May 24. The art show will be showcasing work by many students from all sections of visual art classes from throughout the year.


What can we expect from the art show this year?

“It’s special because it’s going to be the last art show that Mr. Hancin was a part of directly,” Sheppard said.  “[In] future shows, of course we’ll see his influence in students’ work…. There will still be Hancin influence for years to come, but this is the last one where the kids will have made the work in Mr. Hancin’s class.” 


What is happening behind the scenes to get it ready?


“At this phase of the game, we’re just starting to mat artwork and we’re trying to make sure that the room will be ready for us on the date that we’re… ready to move in there and start hanging,” Deciero said.  “We’re doing a little bit of promotion through social media and then really just making sure that everyone is aware of the dates and deadlines”. **


Why should students go?


“Rarely in their lives will they ever have another chance to see such a great array of teenage artwork at such a high level,” Hancin said.  “This is the one chance in their [students’] life to see such great work by students they know and are their peers. They’ll be able to see another side of kids. They don’t realize how talented they are and they’ll never have another chance to do that again. They really need to come and see it.”


What can we look forward to seeing?


“Every year is new and different,” Deciero said. “We have new… [students, and] the seniors this year are probably making work that’s different than the seniors last year. It’s just good to see how some of the same projects have been approached differently this year versus in years prior. We’re really hoping that people can come in and take a look and appreciate… how our show grows and changes with the ups and flows of our students every year”.