Cross country coaches win coach of the year


Connor Lawless

Nate Uttaro and Pat Galvin were both named the Central Massachusetts Coach of the Year for boys’ and girls’ respectively for the 2018 season.

Liza Armstrong , Online Editor

Both girls’ cross country coach Pat Galvin and boys’ cross country coach Nate Uttaro were named Central Massachusetts Cross Country Coach of the Year by the Massachusetts State Track Coach Association.

Both teams qualified for States this year, and for the boys, this was the first time they qualified in 24 years.

While neither of the coaches know who nominated them, both were honored to win.

“I was really excited because I’ve been coaching here [since 2005],” Uttaro said.  “It was really exciting because the team had experienced so much success this season, and it’s always good to be recognized by your peers for what you accomplished in the field, so I think those are the best judges in terms of what you’ve done as a coach, so it means a lot coming from them.”

The coaches also recognize that the reward is a reflection of both teams’ stellar seasons.

“It was everybody,” Galvin said.  “It was the girls on the team that got the job done and went out and performed and completed really well and had a good season, so every team member deserves a lot of credit.  [Assistant coaches Ric Colon and Ellen Marieni] certainly had a part in the success of the team this past season. Everybody deserves the credit.”

Both coaches have had a positive impact on their runners.

“Uttaro has definitely made an impact on my running,” senior captain Jonny Symons said.  “He’s definitely a very motivating guy and overall just very kind.”

“[Galvin] has helped inspire our cross country team and pushes us every day to work our hardest,” junior Sara Prendergast said.

In the end, the duo both hope to give back to the sport they love.

“It was my favorite sport,” Uttaro said.  “It gave me a sense of belonging in high school, and coaching it, I wanted to help students also be able to experience what I experienced.”