AirPods offer comfort, style

Sean Neusch, A&E Editor

Despite the ruthless ridicule of my peers, I stand proud to don my AirPods. People may tell me, “I can’t afford wires,” and that they “don’t speak rich,” but I persist to enjoy my music how I please.

From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, my AirPods allow me to embellish every second of my day with the joy of music. I can get dressed without a cord getting in the way, I can leave my phone somewhere without interrupting my music and I can strut with a newfound confidence that my music brings me.

You’d think my life is perfect with such a luxurious device, right? Sadly, my experience is not as  pleasant as it should be.

Friends, peers and even some family members ostracize me for owning AirPods. Among many jokes, they criticize them as a waste of money and told me there are better, cheaper options. To those of you who agree with them, I shall make the grandest effort to prove the worth of my cherished AirPods.

If you are looking to feel like a time traveler from the future, look no further. With a sleek and simple all-white design, the charging case and the pods can transport your look hundreds of years ahead of time and truly make you feel like flying cars exist. This sensation alone blows its competitors out of the water, but the perks of the new Apple device don’t stop there.

They easily connect to any device, especially other Apple products that are staples of many Algonquin students’ existence. The case and pods weigh under two ounces, and the case is a miniscule 1.74 by .84 by 2.11 inches, allowing users to fit it in almost any pocket.  Now this is slightly larger than a rolled up pair of earbuds, but there is no mess or time wasted when putting it away or taking it out.

Best of all, you can double tap the headphones while they’re in your ear to perform a number of functions that you are able to easily program.

Now if we are being honest here, they aren’t cheap. Paying $159.00 is a hefty purchase to make, but in all seriousness I believe they are a worthwhile product. Purchasing your own pair is a no-brainer, and if you disagree, I don’t want to hear it while I luxuriously enjoy my wire-free songs.