Special education aide trains for Boston Marathon

Elena Neilson, Staff Writer

Special education aide Matt Maypother will be running the 2019 Boston Marathon for his second time on Monday, April 15.

Maypother’s father, stepdad and grandfather all died while battling with cancer, and Maypother himself is a cancer survivor. He is running for Dana Farber Cancer Institute to help cancer patients. He is looking forward to running for a great cause on Patriots Day.

Is this your first time running a marathon?

“No, I ran [The Boston Marathon] last year for Dana Farber as well.”

What cause are you running for this year?

“I am running for Dana Farber again.”

Why did you start marathon running?

“I lost my father, grandfather and stepfather all to cancer. I am a former cancer patient myself. I got a lot to run for.”

What challenges have you faced along the way?

“Training is hard. There is a lot of running and training for sure.”

What has training been like?

“Just a lot of running. I was never a runner before I started training for the marathon last year. It was a hard achievement to do it.”

What are you nervous for?

“Just praying for good weather. Last year the weather was pouring rain all day, so I’m praying for good weather this year.”

What will you eat the morning of race day?

“A banana and peanut butter.”

What will you be looking forward to at the end as you run?

“I’ll be looking forward to a beer at the end of the race.”

Visit Maypother’s fundraising site to donate to his efforts for Dana Farber