‘Unscripted’ talk show puts spin on sports


Connor Lawless

Seniors Josh Harmon, Nick Hatton and Jonny Symons attended the Algonquin vs Acton-Boxboro district final game on March 8.

Larissa Andrade, Staff Writer

“Gonk Unscripted,” a TV talk show run by seniors Nick Hatton, Josh Harmon and Jonny Symons, aims to inform and entertain the student body on today’s sports in and out of school.

“Gonk Unscripted” airs through the Northborough Cable Access Television (NCAT) on Fridays at 2 p.m, using NCAT’s set to share their views about what’s current and popular in the scholastic, collegiate and professional sports world today. Hatton, Harmon and Symons also produce content such as food reviews, hype videos and player interviews.

The name of the TV talk show is as real as it can get because “Gonk Unscripted,” is, as Symons said, “truly is unscripted.”

“We’ll go with the flow,” Symons said. “Whatever works, works. There are no standards to what our shows can be.”

Last year, “Gonk Unscripted” was run by three alumni, John Polymeros, Matthew DeGregorio and Drew Courtwright, who left it behind for Hatton, Harmon and Symons to take over and add their own spin to it.

“We were chosen by last year’s cast to run it this year,” Harmon said. “We haven’t really changed [the show] much, but we definitely enjoy producing some of the side content more so than regular episodes.”

The former hosts of the show are happy with what Hatton, Harmon and Symons have been doing with their show.

“They seem to be having a lot of fun with it,” Polymeros said. “They’re a great group of kids with some good content. It’s been awesome to see the Unscripted legacy continue.”

The three hosts equally share the same responsibilities and goals of running the show, such as informing the public on today’s sports, food reviews and player interviews.

“We consider ourselves all within Unscripted; we’re all pretty equal,” Symons said. “I would say Nick is the main anchor, Josh is the funny guy, and I’m just the one with a lot of energy.”

On February 15, the three seniors went to Boston to interview Patriots fans at the Super Bowl victory parade.

“We did a few man on the street videos where we interview random people quickly,” Harmon said. “We were mostly focused on the Patriots fans though.”

Off screen, Hatton, Harmon and Symons share a friendship that has lasted all throughout high school.

“[Our relationship is] tighter than Bill and Brady,” Symons said.

As “Gonk Unscripted” closes in on its second year reign, the soon to be graduated seniors hope to pass on their talk show to underclassmen.

“With us being only the second generation, I think we’ll definitely try to live it on,” Symons said. “But it’s all a matter of if they fall through. We haven’t thought thoroughly about who we’ll pick yet, but we want to pick three people who know each other so there’s a good bond within the show.”