Senior steering put spin on popular game show for fundraiser


Connor Lawless

Senior Annalise Loizeaux poses with cash to promote the game show.

Aaliyah Yan, Assistant Opinion Editor

Algonquin’s very own “Deal or No Deal,” hosted by senior steering, will make an appearance in the Black Box on Tuesday, March 19 at 7 p.m.

Students from all grades can come to buy a $5 ticket at the door, which will be entered in a raffle. Before each of the three rounds of “Deal or No Deal,” a contestant will be picked from the raffle to go up for a chance to win. Some of the prizes include airpods, a prom ticket, Google Home, a senior ball ticket, and the grand prize of $250.

Although the Algonquin’s “Deal or No Deal” is largely the same as the one on T.V., there is one major difference that adds some humor into it.

“We are putting a spin on it because if you’ve seen ‘Deal or No Deal’ there are normally girls holding briefcases to hold money,” student representative and senior Nellie Zhang said. “Well, there are girls and guys presenting the prizes.”

According to Zhang and senior class president Matt White, the goal of this event  it is not specifically to raise money, but to have fun and show school spirit.

“From freshman year to now the spirit has been so different, and has been decreasing every year, so this is just for fun,” Zhang said.

White hopes this event will get significant  participation from the school.

“We are losing school spirit and student body participation, and this is one of the ways we have thought of to get them into the doors,” White said.

Along with  trying to liven up the school spirit, both Zhang and White want to make “Deal or No Deal” a way to thank the student body.

“Since we are seniors now, we have extra money from prom,” Zhang said. “We want to go out in a bang for our last year here and leave an imprint on this community.”

“This is just a way to give back to the student body because they have been supporting us for the past four years,” White said.