Exposing students to fashion world once again


Photo Lindsey Stone

Freshmen Nicole Kim, Ainsley Cerny and Megan Tucker decorating t-shirts at a Fashion Club Christmas Party.

Lindsey Stone, Staff Writer

Coming from a fashion-forward family, freshman Amanda Crain restarted Algonquin’s Fashion Club, because she wanted to bring back the life and excitement of fashion culture in the school.

“I was looking at fashion clubs on the [Algonquin] website and there was nothing I found,” Crain said. “I thought it would be cool to meet new people with my interest and share that with them.”

Crain went to applied arts and technology teacher Nicole Ruffo with the idea for the club, and they both started advertising through posters around the school. After multiple students showed interest, they started to do a few days of the club with small activities and games. They now meet every Wednesday after school in E108.

“We learn about different fashion cultures and how our fashion can relate to others [around the world],” Crain said.

Crain is the club’s president and comes up with an activity each time they meet. In the past, these have included an ugly Christmas party, making perler bead bracelets and culture trivia games.

Crain is hoping to do a bigger activity like a field trip but, is still figuring out the logistics of it. The field trip would be a trip to a nearby thrift store where the students could take worn clothes and make it into their own style and design.

“Crain comes from a fashion family,” Ruffo said. “Her brother goes to college for fashion in New York City and is becoming very successful.”

With this success from her brother Crain uses the inspiration from her family background  to make the club as informative and exciting as possible.

A freshman student in the club, Megan Tucker said, “Amanda is super nice and funny. She is great at running the club and coming up with activities to do during meetings.”

Crain can maintain the teaching aspect of the club with fun and enjoyable. She helps students and herself learn about fashion culture. The club looks at fashion all around the world and how they can use that in their own style.

“Amanda has done a great job,” Ruffo said. “It’s a young group, mostly freshmen and sophomores, which is really important because what happens is that starts a solid base and any club that can start off with a good group of freshman usually has better growth in the long run.”

Ruffo is excited to see the club grow and knows that it will become bigger and better as time goes on. Crain continues to contribute new ideas to expand and improve fashion club. In style of course.

“She is so creative, that you just let Amanda go,” Ruffo said.