Take a break from overrated sitcom ‘Friends’

Ava Aymie, Staff Writer

If you were scrolling through Netflix on December 2, 2018 trying to find the classic sitcom “Friends” and came upon a message that said “Available until Jan. 1 2019,” congratulations, you survived your first heart attack.

After the news of Netflix taking off “Friends” spread like wildfire through social media, fans harassed Netflix into paying around 100 million dollars for the rights to continue streaming the show according to The New York Times.

Netflix budget for buying and creating content in 2018 was 12-13 billion dollars according to forbes.com and 100 million of that was used solely for “Friends.

Do you realize how many new shows and movies Netflix could buy for 100 million dollars? But no, “Friends” fans have to have their way so they can rewatch Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross live their perfect lives in New York City.

Yes, “Friends” is an iconic sitcom that people that pretty much any generation can appreciate, but it’s important to pause and realize how unrealistic the show actually is.

The cost of living in New York is famously expensive, so the idea that Monica and Rachel can pay rent for a two bedroom apartment off of a waitress’ and chef’s salary is simply absurd. According to Apartments.com, two bedroom apartments in New York range from $2,000-$20,000. According to Sokanu.com the average yearly salary of a chef is $33,922 and $24,679 for a waitress. The odds of Rachel and Monica affording an apartment like that in the real world are very slim.

Also, has anyone ever realized that the jobs they have are super lenient? It seems as if they can just leave their jobs to get coffee whenever they want.

You can’t forget how Ross literally had a pet monkey. Many apartment buildings do not allow dogs, let alone adorable monkeys named Marcel.

It is true that people watch shows like these to escape reality, but as you watch the show the expectations of life in New York City seem to increase when in reality, it is not as glamorous.

If you have ever been to New York City, you know that it is a place filled with people of all different ethnicities, so why is it that the gang is made up of strictly white people? Why is it that they almost exclusively talk to white people? Sure, it was a different time when the show was created, but representation in a show as classic as this is important! It seems that the directors of “Friends” hit the mark of representing minorities such as transgender people (Chandler’s dad) or other members of the LGBTQ family (Carol and Susan), but really missed out on the opportunity to fill the cast with more people of color.

“Friends” is filled with iconic jokes and sayings, like the naked man and “we were on a break” (by the way, they WERE on a break), but how much of the content is truly that funny?

Often, when watching “Friends” the only time I laugh out loud is when I am reminded to by the laugh track, which seems to be played with every cheesy punchline. The humor is usually too safe or rehearsed, leaving me to think the show isn’t that special.

So, if you want to kill your brain cells watching hours of TV shows on Netflix like the majority of us, try something new instead of rewatching “Friends” for the third time.