Junior class hosts prom fashion show fundraiser


Maria Tand

All eyes were on senior Nick Hatton as he made his way down the runway.

Ben Weber, News Editor

The first annual Prom Fashion Extravaganza was held on November 29, with the goal of reducing the financial stress around prom by giving students a closer look at their purchasing options.

The extravaganza was organized by the class of 2020 Steering Committee and their advisers. Students modeled tuxedos and dresses supplied by Carbonneau Bridal and Formalwear and Men’s Wearhouse.

“I think this was a wonderful event,” applied arts and technology teacher and host of the event Nicole Ruffo said. “Anytime you can bring the business community together with the school community in a positive way, it’s a win-win.”

The 29 student models ranged from sophomores to seniors.

“It was more fun than I thought it would be,” senior model Nick Hatton said. “I thought it would be super stiff and I didn’t think there would be people cheering, but there was. It really hyped up the environment.”

While the students were the stars of the show, work behind the scenes by world language teacher Angela Moll, English teacher Emily Philbin and the Class of 2020 Steering Committee was necessary to ensure everything ran smoothly.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it,” Philbin said. “I think the class of 2020’s goal is to make the prom way more affordable in any way that we can. I think that these businesses are generously offering various deals and discounts so that will make it easier for more juniors to feel like they can attend.”

Overall, the Prom Fashion Extravaganza was a success, according to Ruffo.

“I hope that in the future this event continues on,” Ruffo said. “I think it’s a great tradition and what an opportunity for these kids to have.”