Sarah Boush

Victoria Andreev, Staff Writer

This December, freshman Sarah Boush will be playing the iconic role of Roxie Hart in this year’s school musical “Chicago.” Boush has been involved with music for years and it has become one of the main focuses of her life.

When Boush initially auditioned for “Chicago” she did not expect to get the lead and was both worried and excited to play such an iconic role.

“I just assumed, being a freshman I would be in the ensemble, and the leads would go to the older girls,” Boush said.

When the cast list was first posted, there was a bit of speculation by the rest of the cast on whether or not a freshman was prepared to play the biggest role in the show.

 “I think they were right to speculate,” Boush said. “I really understand why some people might have been shocked or upset to see a freshman playing a lead.”

Boush has been acting ever since she played the role of Bagheera in “The Jungle Book.” Some of her more recent roles include playing Elle in “Legally Blonde” and Millie in “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

Boush has been musical from a young age, and she currently plays three instruments and takes vocal lessons.

“I started to take piano lessons in kindergarten… and I have been playing cello since third grade and clarinet since fourth,” Boush said. “I did my first play in fourth grade and few years after that I started taking voice lessons.”

Chorus teacher Katherine Waters is the vocal director for the play. She was one of the multiple people who had a hand in choosing Boush for the lead.

“[Boush] is really hard working and tries hard to do whatever is asked of her,” Waters said. “Sarah has a very wide vocal range and is able to sing notes that are necessary for the role with ease…She was exactly what we were looking for in a lead.”

“I have been working for this for so long,” Boush said. “It shows that hard work will always pay off.”