Administration lacks communication regarding details of seemingly unnecessary BYOD program

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Dear Harbinger Editor,

In a recent Harbinger edition, the article “BYOD delayed until term two” was released on September 27, 2018. In this article, the Bring Your Own Device policy was introduced.

I take issue with this policy for many reasons. To begin with, I had no idea that in just a few weeks, we would be required to bring a laptop to class, and most of our classwork would become technology-based. The school’s administration has neglected to properly inform the majority of the students of the switch to BYOD; in addition, the aforementioned Harbinger article was quite vague, leaving out details of how the policy will function. This leaves me with many questions that I feel need to be addressed.

For example, how does the loan process work? And how are students meant to leave class at 1:50, return laptops, and make it to the bus by 1:57? What about provisions for those who do not have internet access in their homes?

In addition, I don’t understand why we’re making the switch. It seems new policies are frequently enforced, but students are left wondering why they must follow them. Our bags are already filled with binders, folders, and papers. Our textbooks are not online. Is making backpacks heavier and life more difficult the purpose of BYOD?

Though much of our world is already based off of devices, it doesn’t seem necessary in the school environment. I understand this is for convenience purposes, but why do we need a change? And if this change is being implemented, it is the job of the administration to properly inform the student body. If the administration fails to do this, I think the Harbinger should do it in their place in a more effective way than was demonstrated by this article.


Lauren Silva

Class of 2020

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