Finding a voice through performance

Cobb pursues passion in performing arts despite verbal barrier


Submitted Julia Cobb

Sophomore Julia Cobb stands proudly in her dance costume.

Macey Poitras-Cote, Staff Writer

Sophomore Julia Cobb, who because of her lack of verbal communication relies on her iPhone to communicate with others, inspires her friends and classmates by following her passion for performing.

Cobb has been dancing for 14 years, and she began practicing drama and performing in plays throughout the past three years. Through performing, Cobb is free to express her true self despite her lack of verbal communication.

“Dancing allows me to express myself because it gives me so much energy,” Cobb said.

Throughout her journey in dancing, Cobb has gained experience with many diverse styles of dance.

“Musical theater [is my favorite type of dance] because every year at the recital we have a different theme,” Cobb said.

Cobb’s favorite musical theater performances were “Elf” and “A Christmas Story.”

Last spring, Cobb took Drama I and her favorite game was improv, where the actors received random occupations, places, and scenarios and have to make a scene. While it wasn’t always easy for her, she believes that participating in Drama has made her a faster typer.

“Typing my messages into my iPhone [during scenes] was just hard,” Cobb said.

Starting in eighth grade, Cobb has performed in plays, like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Wegmans the Musical.” She also uses sign language to communicate with others, which she has used in performances before.

“[In ‘Wegmans the Musical’ I was a] dancer and I signed a few songs,” Cobb said.

Cobb has inspired many of her classmates through sign language.

“Having Julia in many of our classes we would learn sign language,” sophomore Eliza Ellis, a long-time friend of Cobb, said. “I think it just brought us all together, and made people inspired to try new things.”

In elementary school, Cobb’s classmates and friends were given opportunities to join her during lunches to learn words in sign language.

“I took sign language with Julia for four years and it was a great experience,” sophomore Christina Defeudis said. “I got to learn something I wouldn’t have if I had never met her.”

For many people, Cobb has been an inspirational person that has changed their lives.

“She taught me not to take anything for granted because many people do not have the same opportunities as others,” Ellis said.