Opinion: Bring in support for more teams

Sports Editor Liza Armstrong urges the student body to a variety of sports games.

Elissa Gorman

Sports Editor Liza Armstrong urges the student body to a variety of sports games.

Liza Armstrong, Sports Editor

The stands are loaded; the crowd is cheering. It’s Friday night, and all of T-hawk nation is supporting their football team.

Now it’s a Monday afternoon and there’s a field hockey game. A few fans are scattered along the sidelines, faint cheers are shouted every few plays. The team wins, but no one knows or cares.

While football serves for many as a social event, it is crucial that other sports feel the same support, and not just during playoffs.

The players on less watched teams would benefit from seeing more of their community out supporting them. Let’s face it: who doesn’t want to feel that there work matters to other people?  

Yes, obviously anyone that plays is contributing to T-Hawk nation, but seeing that other students care so much about their games that they will come to regular season games can boost morale.

Yes, there are some setbacks that make certain games harder for viewers than a Friday night football game. Limited seating, weekday games and other obligations all make attendance more difficult. But it’s worth making the time to show support for the teams.  

While it seems like a cross country race is not the most interesting event (as there are only certain times runners can be seen), just going to one meet can’t hurt.  If you bring a group of friends, you may find that the few intense minutes of seeing who will beat who in a literal footrace are worth it (plus the meets are usually on the shorter side so you will still have the majority of your evening).  

Going to a new sporting event are fun for the spectator, and they motivate the team.  Most sports that are not frequented by many, including field hockey, volleyball and soccer, are just as intense or entertaining to watch as more popular sports.  Going with a group of friends to one of these games can bring about the social experience of a football game and they’re usually free . So why not try to go to at least one game of a team you’ve never watched?  And you never know, maybe you and your friends will find a new favorite way to spend your afternoons.