Set, swing, strike: fall team captains share goals, hopes for season


Connor Lawless

Senior Tess Reyes finished top 25 at Amherst on Saturday, September 22.

Darby Kim and Liza Armstrong


Captains: seniors Julia Hostage and Hayley LeBeau

Coach: Katelyn Norsworthy

“This season we have a lot of potential new talent and potential from our incoming freshman,” senior Julia Hostage said. “I could definitely see states as a reachable goal for this season, but overall I just want the team to be proud of every performance we put out.”

Girls’ Cross Country

Captains: seniors Tess Reyes, Annemarie Wood, Abby Hurley and Liliko Uchida

Coach: Patrick Galvin

“For physical goals, I hope that as a team, everyone will be able to PR and feel good about their achievements this year,” said senior Liliko Uchida. “For non-physical goals, I really hope that by the end of the season, as a team, we can grow a stronger bond and learn to appreciate the great benefits cross country brings….Cross country trains us to work hard and grow more patient with life, and I really hope that this will be a great takeaway from this season.”


Captains: seniors Chris Santana, Brendan Hermanspan, Burke Dion and Sam Crain

Coach: Taylor Allen

“So far our team has shown that we can compete and win and we hope to continue that throughout the season,” senior Sam Crain said.

Boys’ Cross Country

Captains: seniors John Bai, Jonny Symons, Connor Lawless, Alexander Forrest, and Anthony Zalev  

Coach: Nate Uttaro

“We have high expectations, not super high,” senior Jonny Symons said. “We’ve a lot of young talent, sophomore class is very good this year…..I think we have a really good core, and I think we could be really good this year.”

Boys’ Soccer

Captains: seniors Sean Cullen and Cal Willwerth

Coach: Ken Morin

“First it’s to clinch playoffs, then clinch league champs, then win districts, and finally become state champs,” senior Sean Cullen said. “The whole season is a journey and we’ll continue to grow as a team throughout the year.”

Boys’ Golf

Captains: seniors Jack Tobin, Nick Hatton, and Matt Umphrey

Coach: Bob Cullen

“Our goal this year is to make the star championship,” senior Jack Tobin said. “Only three teams from Central Mass can make it, so we will have to work hard to be one of the three.”

Girls’ Soccer

Captains: seniors Laura Dunderdale and Jacqueline Moy

Coach: Scott Taggart

“I think we really want to get better with our technicality and decision making,” senior Laura Dunderdale said. “If we continue to work hard and give it our all, winning Central Mass is a really attainable goal for us. The league is wide open so we’re excited and driven to win.”

Field Hockey

Captains: seniors Erin Blake and Sophie Scearbo

Coach: Daniel Welty

“We really want to put in 100% into practice and games 100% of the time, support, motivate, and empower everybody, and a create strong team bond” senior captain Erin Blake said.

Girls Volleyball

Captains: senior Elaine Cho and Gabriella Alberghini

Coach: Janice Henningson

“Definitely to make playoffs,” senior Elaine Cho said. “It’d also be great to win against one of our rivals  because they’re really great teams.”