MIAA changes uniform regulations


Olivia Battles

Donning his maroon soccer jersey, sophomore Nick Haugen sprints down the field at a home game against Wachusett on September 27.

Liza Armstrong, Sports Editor

For the 2018 season, all soccer teams in the MIAA will be wearing white at away games and their darker colored uniform at home.  Prior to this season, white was worn at home and maroon away.

According to an MIAA press release, the change is meant to foster school spirit.

“This change allows home teams to wear their school-color jerseys at home,” National Federation of State High Schools Association director of sports and officials Theresia Wynns said in the press release.  “It also could provide the opportunity to use an alternative color uniform for special events.”

Some on the soccer team feel that the change does not fit with the idea of promoting school spirit.  

“My whole life, even in town and club soccer white, the lighter color, has always been home,” junior Lucy Gauvin said.  “The reason that I heard as to why it was changed was to promote your school colors, but I’d rather be promoting my school colors when I’m away.  Plus white looks nice and classy for home games, and I don’t know why they just did it for soccer.”

Others acknowledge that the color of the jersey will not have an effect on the game itself..  

“Personally, I don’t mind,” senior captain Laura Dunderdale said.  “I definitely like the white jerseys better than the maroon, but it really doesn’t make a difference in how we play, so I don’t mind.  Others do, but it’s nothing major.”