Not so new rules: hallway signs reinforce old policies


The administration left signs on doors throughout the hallway concerning after school hallway activity.

Catherine Hayden and Maggie Del Re

As of last week, signs have appeared around the school that restrict students from being in the hallways after 2:00 pm without an adult or written permission in order to enforce a pre-existing rule.

“[The after school hallway rules] are not really a new practice; it’s just something that we started last year which had been done in the past even before, that students are expected to be with a teacher, team, or whatever adult in the building is supposed to be with them,” assistant principal Andrew McGowan said.

The signs are meant to remind people of the pre-existing rule which is intended to keep students safe and accounted for.

“They’re kind of reminders, that’s really the biggest point of them,” McGowan said. “They’re just another means of reminding students they need to get where they need to be at 2 o’clock so that they’re accounted for and everything’s safe.”