Back to school fashion: Students express themselves on a hot first day

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  • Having gotten through the first day of school, Junior Elizabeth Shaw smiles while showing off her trendy black romper and Birkenstock sandals.

    Gabriela Paz- Solden

  • Junior Sara Prendergast is wearing a tank top and shorts she cut herself.

  • “I wore a hat because I didn’t want to sweat my hair gel off,” senior Matt Richardson said.

  • Junior Ella Sandford sports a thrifted button up over a supreme shirt coupled with a thrifted belt and white converse one stars. “I wanted to wear something that wasn’t super boring on the first day, but I didn’t want to be crazy extra,” Sandford said.

  • Juniors Julia Kardos and Karmyn Shreeve and sophomore Kaitlyn Desio [From left to right] flaunt an athletic look for the first day. “It’s good to wear a tank top and shorts on hot days or else you’ll die,” Shreeve said.

  • “I chose this outfit because it’s hot and I wanted to come in with a pop of color. I wanted to kill it today,” senior Olivia Reilly.

  • Senior Aaron Nodoushani picks a tropical look for the first day, sporting a floral button down and white shorts.

  • Sophomore Joshua Gauthier wears a classy button down shirt and tie despite the over 90 degree weather.

  • Seniors Alex Lemieux and Matt White go for a causal look with button down shirts and colored shorts.

  • Senior Louis Stamoulis's t-shirt says it all.

  • “I can’t really tell you why I’m wearing this outfit," senior Raiann Bu said. "Sorry.”

  • “My pants look like cutains," senior Reem Abouchleih said. "Or that’s what my mom said. But they’re kind of cute.”

  • “I wear a white shirt the first and last day of school every year because the planets align that way," senior Amir Bagheri said.

  • Junior Omar Massoud shows off a short-sleeved orange pattern shirt paired with khaki shorts and black vans.

  • “These pants are straight out of the 80s from Brazil,” senior Giancarlo Coelho said.

  • "[My outfit] is loud and obnoxious, like me," junior Joe Shoemaker said.

  • "I borrowed every piece of my outfit from somebody else today," senior Steph Kalinowski said.

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