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Students lose in struggle to prioritize sleep

Samya Massoud, Editorial Board

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Due to the large workload that students are given, it is difficult to balance that work with playing sports, participating in clubs, and finding time to get an adequate amount of sleep.
“I definitely think it’s essential to get enough sleep. It’s just hard to get enough when you have so much work to do,” junior Megan Walsh said.
Students have far more responsibilities than they can handle in order to get adequate rest.
“Sleep is probably my fourth priority. School, sports, and family/friends are above that,” junior Gina Sherman said.
Academic performance can be hindered by lack of sleep.
“During sleep you solidify your memories and thoughts, and if you don’t have sleep, it could affect memory and long-term learning,” science teacher Kevin Hausmann said.
“When we’re sleeping, our brain is recuperating, regenerating, and refreshing. If they are not getting sufficient sleep, especially for an extended period of time, your brain will see the effects of that,” nurse Justine Fishman said.
Another reason for sleep deprivation is the lack of focus while doing homework and the students’ susceptibility to distractions such as social media.
“Social media is the number one time draw that adults and students use. Social media [isn’t a bad] thing, but its overuse is definitely a time draw that you can’t get back,” said Hausmann.
“I do check Twitter and Instagram often, but sometimes if I [spend] an hour, I think, ‘Wow, I didn’t want to spend an hour on this.’ It feels like I wasted too much time,” senior Syifa Djunaedi said.
This problem has several potential solutions that students can enact if they wish to get more sleep.
“I suggest finishing homework right when you get home from school. Don’t just plop your backpack down and watch TV. Take out your books when you get home and maybe you’ll have more free time the rest of the night,” freshman Nate Mott said.
Many students feel the pressure to do as many activities as possible in order to impress colleges, resulting in an overload in responsibilities.
“Students should do less. I think any college would want and respect a student who’s really passionate and very deeply involved in two or three things, and not try to do seven things at the same time,” Hausmann said.
Doing less would allow for more free time and therefore time to sleep, while still doing the activities that he or she is passionate about and enjoys.
“Adolescence is a tough time in your life. You have to find yourself, your identity, as well as please all these authority figures such as parents, teachers, and coaches. You have a lot on your plate,” social studies teacher Stephen Godbout said.

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Students lose in struggle to prioritize sleep