Bramhill begins Operation Tomahawk to help raise respect for veterans


Connor Lawless

Junior Allan Bramhill organized an assembly on May 25 hoping to raise awareness about what Memorial Day truly means.

Caroline Warren , Assistant A&E Editor

Unlike most of his peers, junior Allan Bramhill already knows his career path: to enlist in the army. Bramhill’s patriotism and gratitude for our nation’s veterans inspired him to start the club Operation Tomahawk, which aims to give back to people who have served our country.

“[Operation Tomahawk] is people coming together to make a difference in any way possible for veterans and active military members,” Bramhill said.

Bramhill’s passion for helping our nation’s heroes stems from a long line of servicemen in his family.

“Most of my family is made up of veterans, and I plan on serving in the military,” Bramhill said.

            Through his family connections to veterans, Bramhill became aware of how some retired military members desperately need help. Many veterans suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and a variety of other mental and physical illnesses that they struggle to get treatment for. Other veterans would simply benefit from the support and gratitude of their communities.

“Whether we realize it or not, there’s so many veterans in the community that need help and support,” Bramhill said.

In its first year as a club, Operation Tomahawk has already contributed to several organizations that help our community’s veterans.

“We laid wreaths on veterans’ graves at a cemetery around Christmas time,” Bramhill said.

Operation Tomahawk also held a bake sale and donated the profits to Mission 22, an organization dedicated to raising awareness about veteran suicide and mental health.

In addition, they helped out at a food shelter in Worcester to feed homeless veterans and are working towards helping the Veterans Support Alliance.

Aware of Bramhill’s interest in helping veterans, social studies teacher Gina Johnston became the adviser for Operation Tomahawk.

“[Bramhill is] passionate about the club and he’s not just doing it as a resume builder,” Johnston said. “It’s something that [has to do with] his career and his life.”

Knowing how much these veterans sacrificed for our freedom and safety, Bramhill is motivated to continue giving back and spreading the word about Operation Tomahawk.

Operation Tomahawk meets every Thursday after school in G102 and  new members are always welcome. They are selling t-shirts to fundraise money to give back to charities that help veterans and could always use more support.

“For all the people veterans gave everything for, now it’s our turn to pay them back,” Bramhill said.