REVIEW: ‘Dexter’ excites with intriguing plot line

Courtesy Showtime

Courtesy Showtime

Grace Andrus, Staff Writer

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To catch a criminal, you must think like one.

The popular show “Dexter,” created in 2006, is well worth the comeback to binge on Netflix. The series follows Miami Metro Homicide and its blood spatter analyst who helps work with the team to catch serial killers and murderers.

Known to stir up a plethora of different emotions, “Dexter” mixes the aspects of police force work, drama and comedy together. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) and his sister Deborah (Jennifer Carpenter) are part of Miami Metro and have a tight relationship as their father, Harry Morgan, a former officer, passed away. Although Deb and Dexter are quite close, there’s one big secret he’s hiding: his urge to kill and his fascination with murdering the guilty, the ones whom he believes deserve it.

The cast does a fantastic job depicting their given roles. Not just believable, but you can really feel what the character is going through or thinking because of the exemplary acting.

The show does not only revolve around Dexter and Deb. It looks in on the lives of his co-workers and the secret affairs and controversy that occurs behind curtains, away from the station’s knowledge. From shadowing Dexter’s intimate relationships to the crime scenes, we get to look through the lens from many different perspectives. By doing this, it gets the audience constantly thinking, thus making the show that much more interesting and thought-provoking.

Each season is jam packed with action and drama that keeps viewers glued to the screen. Constant plot twists and “are you kidding?” moments left the audience watching more. As the show progressed, however, it concluded with an ending that I, as well as many others, were not quite pleased with.

However, regardless the closing of the series, “Dexter” is a spectacular, fun filled, comedic and mysterious show. While it targets primarily those who do not mind the gore of homicide and blood, it can grow on those not usually interested in this topic. I, myself am not typically into police shows, but I found myself intrigued by the duties of specialists in the team and couldn’t stop watching “Dexter” despite the slightly disturbing moments.

I highly recommend giving this series a chance as it evokes so many emotions and always keeps you on your toes.

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REVIEW: ‘Dexter’ excites with intriguing plot line