Democrats Club sponsors voter registration for students


Katrina Liu

Junior Rebecca Snow helped students in registering to vote during lunch on March 14.

Liza Armstrong, Assistant Sports Editor

The Democrats Club, with help from the guidance department, sponsored voting registration in the cafeteria during period 5 on March 14 and 15.  

Over the course of two days, 135 students registered.  According to Northborough Town Clerk Andy Dowd, that is the largest number Algonquin has ever registered.  

Junior Rianna Mukherjee, the president of the Democrats Club, saw how easy voting registration was and decided to bring the opportunity to students.  

“To me, voting is obviously super important, and it’s really easy to register to vote,” Mukherjee said.  “In many states, you don’t have the opportunity to register or pre-register to vote at 16 years old, but in Massachusetts and a few other states you do, so… you get more people who are interested in voting at a younger age because obviously in our country we have a huge problem where only half of our population actually votes in elections.”   

Guidance counselor Pam Mackey helped the Democrats club organize the event in hopes of igniting student voices.

“I feel like you guys are in a point in your lives right now where you can be empowered and that this was a nonpartisan way for you guys to become empowered,” Mackey said.  “Something that everyone can agree to do.”

In addition to registration, Mukherjee and Mackey also want to help raise youth activity in politics.

“[Voting lets] you have a stance in your government and in your society,” Mukherjee said.  “People think that one vote won’t make a difference, but look at our last election. A lot of people were like, ‘I don’t know who to vote for I’m not going to vote.’  That defeats the purpose of what our democracy is, and in order to participate in a democracy, in order to elect people, you have to pick.”

“I think you guys are more well-informed than the generations before you,” Mackey said. “I think you are more inspired to do things.  I think you have more energy, and better energy to get things done. The speeches at the walkout were eloquent and powerful and really touching and important…I think you guys can really make a lot of positive change.”

Students enjoyed the ease of being able to register during school hours.

“I thought it would be easier to do it when it’s available during school, since I’m 16 and it’s available now,” junior Anna Hoskins said.  “And I also think it’s very important to vote; it’s something I know I’m going to do, so I might as well do it now, when it’s easy.”

The Democrats Club plans to do another voting registration next year and inspire even more students to get involved in democracy.

“I think it’s just really important to be involved in our country,” Mukherjee said. “ You don’t have to be politically-minded or super involved in politics to vote.  It’s super easy, and it’s just having a voice. Young people have a voice, especially with this movement going on. No matter what side of the movement you’re on, I think it’s so important to express what you believe in.  That’s what our country is built on.”