Prom overrated, should not bring stress


Graphic Anna He

Assistant Opinion Editor Katrina Liu argues that prom is thought of as a marker of the high school experience, however it should not be the center of stress.

Katrina Liu, Assistant Opinion Editor

The first thing about high school that I remember hearing about had nothing to do with the academics. It had nothing to do with relationships, romantic or platonic. It had nothing to do with the stress that I had to be ready for. It was prom. What dress would you wear? Who would you go with? It was going to be a night you wouldn’t forget.

And here I am, in my junior year, questioning why this was ingrained in my head before I even began freshman year.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited about the big night I see unfold in the 90s rom coms. I was extremely happy when I found the beautiful dress that I am going to wear. The anticipation of the night getting closer and closer is somewhat thrilling.

But, aspects of prom have changed so much in the last couple of years. It’s posting your dress in the Facebook group. It’s the promposals that are pressured to have a good pun. It’s the scrambling to figure out where to go for pictures, and incorporating your friends and date into that situation. It’s almost every little detail.

But what is all that worrying for? No one should be worrying if their hair looks messy or if their dress looks too similar to that girl on the other side of the room.. Also I don’t quite understand why you need to post your dress on Facebook. I find the idea of being surprised by everyone’s outfits on prom night so much more exciting. You’re there to have fun with your friends and appreciate how nice your peers look. What’s the need of mixing other variables in the equation like needing to know what everyone else will wear?

I also believe that the fact some people emphasize on finding the “perfect” date. Times are changing, and it’s becoming more common nowadays to go to prom with you friends rather than someone you awkwardly have to stick with your whole night. So find a date who you’re comfortable with, whether that be a close friend, someone you’ve liked for years, or if you’re lucky, both. There’s no need to go with someone that may make the night awkward in the slightest way. No one wants to look back on prom night with the word ‘uncomfortable’ standing out. Also, there is no shame going with just your friends! Honestly, doesn’t that sound so much more fun than going with a date and having silent lulls throughout the night? So whether you go with a date or not, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable.

Overall, prom is supposed to be a fun night with your friends. A night that everyone has fancy suits and dresses on, sure, but a fun night nonetheless. So all those factors that people mention? Don’t get caught up in it so much that you stray away from the main goal of prom night, which is to have fun.