Q&A: Sachem editors work on magazine with ‘parallels’ theme

Katherine Yang, Staff Writer

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Senior Sachem Editors Tessa Desmarais and Taylor Murphy lead their literary magazine team with this year’s theme of ‘parallels.’

Q: What do you do in Sachem?

Senior Taylor Murphy

Taylor: “Our end goal is to make a magazine that showcases all the writing and art from kids around the school, but to do that, we have to get all the submissions from different classes and from individual writers and then comb through all of them and match the pieces with art.”

Tessa: “Also, we’re the people who run the coffeehouses… and we also run the gender-inclusive Valentine’s quiz.”


Senior Tessa DesMarais

Q: Sachem is an interesting name; why is it called that?

Tessa: “I think it was originally because the school is the Tomahawks, so they try to make everything Native American themed which is a little yikes. So ‘sachem’ is Iroquois for ‘chief.’”

Taylor: Actually, we might have a discussion about changing that, but we don’t know about that yet.


Q: What’s your theme this year?

Taylor: “This year, our theme is ‘parallels,’ so we’re looking at the parallels that you see in life, perhaps between your own life and someone else’s, between two aspects of your life, or between two different aspects in the world. It’s whatever your take is.”


Q: Who can contribute to Sachem and how?

Tessa: “Everybody! If they email us at [email protected], we’ll get whatever they give to us, be it art or writing or even pictures of ceramics or anything like that.”