Being Trump supporter proves difficult in liberal community


Graphic Gabriela Paz-Soldan

Staff writer Brady Quinlan believes that there needs to be a greater respect for opposing viewpoints in politics.

Brady Quinlan, Staff Writer

Ever since the heated election in 2016, the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, has received more hate than possibly any other president in the past decades, and his supporters are getting the blame as well.

Being a Trump supporter, ever since the election I have had a necessity to keep my opinion quiet. For the few times I have opened up about my political beliefs, I have been accused of being a homophobe, nazi, racist, white supremacist and more. I am not trying to attack a liberal mindset. Opinions are valuable, and I believe in that no matter how terrible the opinion sounds to me, living in Massachusetts, I have learned that things don’t always work that way for Republicans.

I do not judge people for their political opinions, and I wish that someday it won’t be a problem in the country. After Trump’s election, the protests from the left party became extreme. In August alone in 2017, according to the Washington Post 83 percent of the 834 protests were anti-Trump. This should not be how things should go in the US. Donald Trump is the president, whether the country likes it or not. Russia didn’t “rig the vote”, and he won. People can say he’s not their president all they want. Donald Trump is the president of the United States. Seeing as how this is the case, the country may as well support him instead of yelling about the things he is doing wrong. He is the man representing our country, so it might be the right decision to look up the things he’s actually done in office instead of trying to fight in the comments on his Twitter account.

The thing that many Republicans are concerned about is that many anti-Trump people are very uneducated about what Donald Trump has done in office so far. Since Donald Trump has been elected as president, he has appointed twelve new judges, hired Jim Mattis as the new Secretary of Defense, and the unemployment rate has dropped to 4.3 percent, the lowest percentage since 3.9 percent in 2001. So maybe it could be beneficial for a person who opposes Trump to start focusing on what he is actually doing instead of getting mad about something he said years ago, or a comment on his Twitter account.

Donald Trump has done many things for our country, and most people in the US don’t even know it. For anybody calling his supporters Nazis, sexists, or homophobes; they may want to research some of the things that Trump has already done in office in just his first year.