Faculty Friday: Virginia Fitzgerald

Katrina Liu, Assistant Opinion Editor

What’s your favorite type of apple?

“My gut reaction is Red Delicious, but I think I’m gonna go with Gala.”

What’s your favorite book to teach?

“This is really hard. I’ve always loved teaching ‘The Things They Carried’. I also love teaching ‘Lord Of The Flies’ and ‘Slaughterhouse Five’. I love teaching material that is straightforward but requires some real conversation to get to it.”

If you could name a crayola crayon, what would you name it? 

“I don’t know..it would probably be a long title.”

What’s your favorite type of pen?

“I do love a good Sharpie pen, but I also like the Energel ones.”

What’s your dream vacation spot?

“Tahiti or Bali.”