Junior Wednesday: Michaela Selig


Photo Elena Neilson

Elena Neilson, Staff Writer

What are you most excited for about the rest of your junior year
“Probably hanging out with my friends and playing sports and doing well in school. Overall just enjoying life. “
What recent concerts are you regretting not buying tickets to?
“I regret not buying tickets to Post Malone because I love his music and I’ve never been to a concert.”
What is your favorite part about fall?
“Wearing warm clothes and cuddling up in bed with a blanket, watching a move and drinking hot chocolate.”
Are you looking forward to any new movies coming out, if so, what?
“At the moment not looking forward to any movies. I don’t watch many movies unless they seem extremely popular.”
What is your favorite class this year?
“My favorite class is early childhood development because I love playing with the little kids and helping them learn in a fun way.”