Reyes makes strides to succeed, breaks home course record


Rebecca Poretsky

Junior Tess Reyes trained hard in order to break Algonquin’s home course cross country record.

Abbie Davison, Staff Writer

Junior Tess Reyes has been running since third grade and has made notable strides in her running career since then, including recently breaking Algonquin’s home course cross country record.

Her elementary school physical education teacher helped Reyes find her passion for running.

“I started in third grade when we were doing the school mile, because I thought you actually had to race or there would be some sort of consequence, or you wouldn’t get recess,” Reyes said, with a smile. “I was like ‘Hey, this actually isn’t that bad.’”

Since joining the cross country team sophomore year and track freshman year, Reyes has set many records at Algonquin. Reyes has set both the indoor and outdoor mile record, with a time of 5:15 for indoor and 5:06 for the outdoor mile.

Not only does Reyes enjoy running, but she also values the support from her teammates.

“The team is amazing this year,” Reyes said. “We have the greatest captains and seniors, and everyone is just really supportive of each other, so you know there are always people cheering you on.”

Reyes also appreciates both coach Brian Kellett and assistant coach Ellen Marieni’s dedication to the cross country team.

“[The coaches] have been so great about the season [with] getting up my mileage, helping [me] improve, and shave time off,” Reyes said.

Reyes broke the school record for the three-mile home course previously set by class of 2017 alum Maddie Scott, with a time of 18:42 on October 3.

Reyes’ main focus is not on breaking school records, but being involved with the sport she loves.

“[In my record-breaking run], I just kind of went out there and was feeling it, and just kind of ran for it,” Reyes said.

According to her teammate, sophomore Karmyn Shreeve, Reyes is a major asset to the team’s success and is also a great running partner.

“Overall, because she’s such a great runner; she contributes to our victories greatly,” Shreeve said. “She’s a great leader both in races and to her teammates. She’s kind to everyone and even though she’s the best, she’s really modest.”

Reyes doesn’t plan to stop running after high school. She is already planning to take her talents to higher level races.

“One day I hope to [run the Boston Marathon],” Reyes said. “That would be so cool.”