Boys’ volleyball spikes out killer season with 15-1 record


Photo Rebecca Poretsky

Junior Alex Chen sets the ball, helping his fellow team mates get ready to continue the play.

Liza Armstrong, Assistant Sports Editor

The boys’ volleyball team is heading into the Central Mass playoffs as the Mid-Watch champions, and they are ready to bump their way to a state championship.

The team is entering playoffs as ninth in the state, a position earned by their outstanding performance on the court.

“We’ve just kind of executed all around, both offense and defense,” Senior captain Matt Hurley said. “I just think everything is working for us, and everyone is really motivated and working hard.”

The team also found that having a positive attitude has helped them succeed.

“We went into the game [against Millis] kind of like ‘Oh this is going to be rough,’ and then after we started playing, we were all pumped up,” Senior captain Dustin Hartnett said. “We are a team that can, if we put our hearts into it, beat almost any team in the state.”

In his third season coaching, coach Nick Bryant has seen consistent performances from the starters.

“I just think everything is working for us, and everyone is really motivated and working hard.”

— Matt Hurley

“[Senior] Zach Nicoletti is one of our top scorers, Dustin Hartnett is one of our top scorers, [senior] Colin Galligan is one of our top scorers,” Bryant said. “We have a really good starting core; Matt Hurley as well, and [junior] Alexander Chen and [senior] Matt Hayes, both of them step up when I need them to, and our setter [senior] John Arcona is fantastic.”

However, the team knows they will have to step up their game to face the tough competition ahead.

“I’ve talked to the Needham coach recently; they’re going to be tough competition if we make it out of Central Mass,” Bryant said. “Millis, I’m sure, is out for blood because we managed to ruin their undefeated season.”

Despite setbacks, the team believes that they can make it out of Central Mass and move on to tougher competition.

Boys’ Volleyball lost in the Central Massachusetts semi-finals to Leominster on June 5.