Review: Margaritas makes magnificent Mexican meals


Permission Margaritas

Margaritas offers a fun blend of Mexican food and culture close to home.

Jen Piekarz, Staff Writer

A somewhat-new restaurant located in Northborough Crossing, Margaritas shines above other Mexican restaurants with their exceptional interior design and large variety of menu items.

As you walk through the giant doors, natural light fills every corner of the colorful dining space and a huge sun sculpture welcomes customers. Given the choice of seating, high or low tables or booths, I opt for a high booth and am seated right away. Many other seats were open as well, surprising for a Friday night, but beneficial for customers.

Most of the tables and chairs were made of beautiful hardwood and every inch was spotless. From the intricate light fixtures to the tiled walls, the interior design was beyond any Chipotle or Acapulcos.
As a light aroma of spices filled the dining space, today’s pop music played in the background. There was chattering as well, but nothing was too loud, allowing conversations to be heard. Additionally, my waitress was helpful and pleasant.

The menu is practically endless with categories of burritos, fajitas, salads, tacos, chimichangas, “Tio’s Grill” (burgers, etc.), enchiladas, and vegetarian. The prices are reasonable with burritos around $10 each whereas they would normally be about $8 at Chipotle.

After placing my order of “Juan’s Burrito,” I amused myself by taking in the restaurant’s details. The glasses that the drinks were served in were beyond clever. On the front were exotic symbols of figures, such as a devil and an owl. On the other side was a little story in black lettering explaining what the symbols mean in the Mexican culture.

Little tin buckets held chips and salsa, better than any I have had before. The chips were not salty, but fresh and crisp. The salsa had a light smoky flavor with tasteful hints of minced habanero, posing the possibility of being a little too spicy for some, but just right for me.

As for my burrito, the presentation was nothing special, but the taste made up for it. Encased in a perfectly cooked, buttery tortilla, the sour cream and black beans smoothly blended together, and the cheese was perfectly gooey. Although enjoyable, the food tasted less authentic than the burritos at Casa Vallarta in Northborough.

The standout dish was on the dessert menu: fried ice cream. Similar to a giant drumstick top, the crunchy, cinnamon and nutty shell wrapped around the smooth vanilla ice cream. The chocolate drizzle on the outside perfectly compliments the other flavors.

Although the food is slightly less authentic than other Mexican restaurants, their fried ice cream along with cleanliness and interior design make up for it. Overall, I would definitely recommend Margaritas to anyone looking for an inexpensive, tasty meal in a beautiful setting.