Clock, candlestick, beast come alive in beauty of a live-action Disney remake


Courtesy Disney Movies UK

"Beauty and the Beast" remake captivates with wonder and effects reminiscent of the classic.

Clarissa Wong, Copy Editor

We all know the story of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: a curse placed on a selfish prince turns him into a beast; a girl and the beast fall in love; the curse is broken.

So how do you take a classic Disney film with personified household objects, a seven foot-tall beast, and a huge castle and spin it into a live action film? Because the audience may be familiar with the characters, the setting, and the plot line, the success of the movie heavily relied on the acting, the musical numbers, set and costume design, and overall execution. Ultimately, I felt that the live-action film exceeded my expectations and that this movie is a must-watch.

Writers decided to add new scenes, original songs, and humor (like when Le Fou, played by Josh Gad, admitted that he was illiterate and couldn’t spell out “Gaston”).

Besides that it was a kids movie, there were a few jabs at adult humor made it more enjoyable for the older people in the audience. I found myself laughing at the funny, albeit subtle, moments in the movie.
The movie have a stellar cast to play its main characters (Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, and more), and it also had its share of unforgettable musical numbers. The more popular songs, such as “Belle,” “Be Our Guest,” and “Beauty and the Beast,” were just as breathtaking as the original versions.

The filmmakers also used color, costume, and setting to enhance the movie experience; in “Be Our Guest,” Lumiere the candelabra presents stunning Mardi Gras-esque dinner entertainment full of various French foods and pastries.

Belle (Watson) had a stunning wardrobe, with a variety of floral aprons, blue dresses, and, of course, the famous yellow ball gown.

From the scenes in the idyllic French village to those in the intricate Versailles-inspired castle, the movie visuals overall flowed seamlessly and gracefully.

Even for those who aren’t die-hard Disney fans, there’s a little bit of everything in this film for anyone to enjoy. Beauty and the Beast evoked nostalgia, yet it still didn’t fail to add in new twists. The live-action film was undoubtedly one of my favorite Disney remakes, so if you’re thinking of going to the movies soon, I recommend seeing Beauty and the Beast.