Bachelor recap: who really deserved the final rose?


Courtesy ABC

Bachelor Nick Viall searched for (and hopefully found) love in a drama-filled season of the beloved reality show.

Natalie Sadek, Assistant Online Editor

Naps, dolphins (or sharks), and cheesy pasta: all iconic things popularized by the guilty pleasure television show loved by viewers across America, The Bachelor. With another season over, fans all over the country are left wondering what to do on Monday nights. However, don’t fret, because here’s a quick recap of all the drama that this season entailed.

Although it was not “the most dramatic season in Bachelor history,” as advertised, there was still enough drama to go around. Also, the fact that this season’s bachelor, Nick Viall, has been on the show not once, not twice, but four times and had been rejected three times is iconic. How much reality TV can a person take?

First things first: I love crazy Corinne. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for her and her nanny Raquel, I don’t think I would have stuck around for the entire season. Much like the other Bachelor and Bachelorette villains, Corinne made my Monday nights a surprise, whether she was buying Nick a 3,000 dollar outfit or taking her top off in front of an entire group of people.

However, I think Nick only kept her for as long as he did because the producers told him to. If you see the way he said goodbye to Christina and Danielle in the weeks before he sent Corinne home, there was a huge lack of emotion (and tears) in comparison.

As far as the Taylor versus Corinne feud goes, I’m 100 percent Team Corinne. Although they both seemed a little ridiculous at times, Corinne was just trying to be herself whereas Taylor was putting herself on a high horse and hardcore judging Corinne with her comments, claiming she lacked “emotional intelligence.” Mental health counselor or not, I think she should have just left the poor girl alone and let her take a nap during the rose ceremony instead of scolding her. As viewers, we don’t see how long cocktail parties are, but apparently they last the entire night. I would definitely be taking naps, too.

After all this, I think Corinne will do just fine, as she made a name for herself on national television. I really hope to see her on Bachelor in Paradise over the summer.

Another huge controversy, or as Chris Harrison named it, the biggest controversy of the entire season, was whether or not Alexis’ costume was a dolphin or a shark. Although technically dolphins don’t have gills and her costume had gills, if the girl wants to be a dolphin, then I’ll believe she’s dolphin.

Between the two finalists, Vanessa and Raven, I felt that Nick had a stronger connection with Raven.

With Vanessa it seemed the two had many deep conversations, but they always disagreed. On the other hand with Raven, the two seemed to have fun, and they had those same deep conversations without the disagreement.

That being said, nothing broke my heart more this season than seeing Raven get sent home. She said several times that she was ready to get engaged to him, and it was evident she loved him a lot. As with all runner-ups, you could tell she didn’t expect it.

To say the least, I wasn’t a fan of Nick’s choice. When the two saw each other on “After the Final Rose” the awkwardness screamed through the screen. I think Vanessa and him will last another six months max, but it’s his life. So as long as he doesn’t have to come on the show for a fifth time, I’ll be alright.