Spanish Honor Society celebrates lanuage and achievement

Clarissa Wong, Staff Writer

This year, high achieving Spanish-speaking students at Algonquin have the opportunity to join Spanish Honors Society.

For Spanish-speaking high school students in grades ten to twelve, the mission of Spanish Honors Society is to recognize students for their high levels of achievement in Spanish studies and to promote interest in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian studies.

World Language teacher Emily Squires advises juniors Olivia Iverson and Riley Casey in running this honors society.

“I think that we have a lot of students, especially high-achieving students, in the World Language Department that really love learning the language and [they] work really hard,” Squires said. “[Spanish Honors Society] would be a nice way to recognize them for their hard work.”

Despite the honors society being a relatively new organization at ARHS, Iverson and Casey already have a general idea of what type of activities they want to include.

“We haven’t worked out all the details,” said Iverson, “but we think it will involve some club activities [outside of school] and a Spanish-speaking dinner and things like that.”

According to Casey, Spanish Honors Society is not only a fun way to support Spanish communities, but it is also extremely beneficial for those who join.

“It’s really good for [students] to continue the language and it will be a very important thing to continue to learn,” Casey said. “By doing this honors society, [the students] can help the Spanish community and really have the motivation to continue.”