Boys Soccer falls to Amherst in state-semis after proud season

Stephanie McGovern, Staff Writer

After a battle in the frigid cold, The Tomahawks fell to Amherst-Pelham Hurricanes in the Division 1 boys soccer state semifinal at Nashoba High School on Tuesday November 18th.

The Hurricanes scored three goals in the second half defeating the Tomahawks 3-0.

The T-hawks ended their season with an overall record 19-2-1, lead by Coach Ken Morin and senior captains Tyler Morin and Sam Factor.

“I thought we played a really good first half. The goal they scored early in the second half caught us off guard and set us back, but we tried to play our game and even when we went down by two goals we still fought hard till the end,” Tyler Morin said.

Both Tyler Morin and co-striker Dominic Cianci, both contributed more than 50 goals combined this season.

“I feel like our team had a great season and losing didn’t even mean that much.  Losing 15 seniors last year, we were surprised to make it this far. I’m just proud of our team, proud of how far we made it, and I’m proud we even got to be in the semi finals ‘cause that all means something,” Ciani said.

Coach Ken Morin and his team faced challenging teams all throughout the season.

“We stuck together the whole season and worked really hard as a team. We overcame many different challenges and proved so many people around the state wrong by winning the CMASS title, I am proud of them and I want them to remember the good times instead of being sad about losing one game,” Ken Morin said.

Amherst, ending their season 20-0-3, will face Needham in the state championship game on Saturday at WPI.