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Roving Reporter: First Day of School 2021-2022

Harbinger reporters asked students about their thoughts on fully returning to school after living with COVID-19 for nearly 18 months.

Social Distancing procedures were practiced during all interviews and masks were worn inside at all times and only removed if outside and at least 10 feet apart.


Junior Amabelle Sandford
Sophomore Kate Michel
Senior James Clark
Junior Jasmine Yee
Senior Emily Tran
Freshman Katie Jennings
Senior Lauren Dratch
Sophomore Mackensie Clark
Sophomore Matthew Ansaldi
Senior Priscilla de Carvalho
Sophomore Riyana Patel
Sophomore Sophia Luna
Senior Maddie Maletta
Freshman Mira Denney
Sophomore Viviana Levin
Senior Francesca Collett
Sophomore Caroline Macaulay
Freshman Betsy Bertonazzi
Junior Allison Silva
Sophomore Aditi Kaushik