Faculty Friday: Nancy Hart

Photo Carter Brannon

Carter Brannon, Staff Writer

Do you like muffins?
“I do like muffins.  They’re sweet and yummy.  That doesn’t mean they’re good for me, but I like them.”
What is your favourite thing to do outside Algonquin?
“Pretty much anything athletic.  I ski, I play golf, II run, I bike, I hike, I play tennis.  If I had a choice I’d be outside doing one of those things.”
What are your thoughts on the Metric System?
‘Well I’m a math teacher.  I love it.  It makes life easier.  Things are much easier when you convert;  you just move a decimal point.  And I wish the US would switch over.”
What is your favourite song?
“Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison because: Guess what?  I have brown eyes. … My husband played that on a jukebox for me when we were in college.
What is your proudest accomplishment?
“My three children are what I’m most proud of.  I had a little something to do with where they are now.
What do you like most about being a teacher?
“My students.  Everyday they bring something different.  They’re challenging, they’re refreshing.”