The sibling’s perspective of a journey to ARHS

Dan Fishbein, Editorial Board

February 26, 2015

Sophomore Iptisam Nzovu, Bassam’s  younger sister, has lived through many of the same experiences Bassam has. She remembers having to flee Congo at the age of 8 with little notice. She remembers Siradji, her father, as a...

Senior walks in cobbler’s shoes

Dan Fishbein, Editorial Board

June 17, 2014

Shoes mean many different things to many different people: a fashion statement, a collector’s item, something necessary only for walking. To senior Lauren Araya, however, shoes are a job. They’re a means by which to earn money...

Junior sails off to Coast Guard

Eileen Moynihan, Editorial Board

June 17, 2014

Junior Naeema Ahmed is using her summer vacation to test the waters of her future with the Coast Guard Academy. “It’s known as AIM, Academy Introduction Mission, where you live life as a cadet for about a week,” Ahmed said,...

Intern goes trans-continental

Zoe Michas, Editorial Board

June 17, 2014

While most teenagers are lounging on the beach or going to camp, junior Nathan Ding will spend his time off at an internship in China. Ding will travel to Shanghai, China, to spend five weeks of his summer as an intern at WuXi...

Girl Scouts rescue tropical turtles

Mairathe Casey, Editorial Board

June 17, 2014

For nine days in June, Girl Scout Troop 30482 will strive to rescue endangered leatherback turtles and renew their troop bond in Saint Croix, US Virgin Islands. “[The trip is] a combination of going for fun and doing volunteer...

Caffeine: daily addiction, nightly affliction

Dan Fishbein, Editorial Board

April 29, 2014

By now, the cashier at the CVS on Main Street knows exactly what I’m buying when I make my almost-daily pit stop there on the way to school in the morning. “That’ll be $2.68,” the red-haired woman tells me, glancing...

Committee pushes for later school start time

Meredith Paterson, Staff Writer

April 29, 2014

A committee of the Algonquin Parent Teacher Association has proposed that the start time for high schoolers should be pushed back because many researchers have found that a later school start time will improve students’ overall...

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