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Gigi Rhind, lacrosse

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Gigi Rhind, lacrosse

Senior Gigi Rhind committed to Assumption University for Division II lacrosse after being recruited in November of her junior year.

When did you first start playing lacrosse?

“I started playing lacrosse in third grade for the Northborough-Southborough girls’ lacrosse program. Then in seventh grade, I started playing for Bay State Bullets and I have played for them ever since.”

What is your favorite thing about lacrosse?

“My favorite thing about lacrosse is definitely the teammates. You create such a strong bond with them and they become some of your closest friends. It makes the travel experiences so much more fun.”

What position do you play and what do you most enjoy about playing that position?

“I play defense for club and I’m going to for college, and then I play midfield for high school lacrosse. My favorite part is definitely the feeling after a turnover. If the turnover becomes a goal, the whole defense celebrates it and it’s a lot of fun.”

Why did you want to play lacrosse at the collegiate level?

“It’s my favorite thing to do. It’s a good way to relax and enjoy. I always loved the idea of playing a college sport and having a teammate right when you get to campus. I wasn’t ready to give up playing lacrosse at the end of high school.”

What about Assumption college enticed you to play for them?

“When I was looking for schools, I knew I wanted a small, Catholic school in New England, so it really narrowed my options. I knew I didn’t want to go far away from home. Assumption’s team and the atmosphere and the coaches, as well as the nursing program drew me to school and I knew I wanted to go there the second I visited it.”

What are you most looking forward to in these next four years of your life?

“I’m looking forward to playing the sport I love and meeting new people, and to starting a new phase of my life.”

Do you have hopes to play lacrosse beyond the collegiate level?

“I don’t plan on continuing with lacrosse after I graduate. I want to travel and try new things, and playing more lacrosse would make that very difficult. I’ve played sports my entire life, so after college I want to experience life without sports.”

Do you have any ideas of majors or other focusses you’d like to pursue at Assumption University?

“I am majoring in nursing. Helping people has always been a big part of my life. Nursing allows me to travel and live the lifestyle I want to, and I hope to become a pediatric nurse.” 

Do you have anything that you think is important to include about your relationship with lacrosse or your commitment?

“I just think hard work is important. I wouldn’t be playing lacrosse in college if it wasn’t for hard work. Also, this couldn’t happen without my parents’ support. They’ve spent hours of their week driving me 45 minutes to practice and traveling across the country for tournaments. Without them, I wouldn’t be playing in college.”

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