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Pepper, a 9 year old Havanese, joins English teacher Sara Stein on Fridays in H203 as a new therapy dog. Stein translated for Pepper in this interview.

What are your hobbies? Secret talents?

“My hobbies include tearing up tissues and napkins, sniffing for chipmunks and larger animals, as well as waking people up in the morning. I can stand on two feet and spin, lay down, roll over and do the cha-cha.”

What are your favorite treats?

“I really like Greenies. They are good for your teeth and breath, and they are the biggest cookies I get, and only once per day, so it is special.” 

Do you have any bad habits?

“A lady never tells her secrets, but, for you, I sometimes stalk the dinner table while people are still eating. I know, shame.”

What is your favorite place to go for a walk?

“I live locally in Southborough, so I have two favorites: [one of them is] the Southborough golf course where I can run off leash in the wintertime with my friends. I also like to do something my family calls the big loop where I walk down White Bagley Road [in Southborough]. It is thrilling because the cars go so fast by me, and it’s along a trail on the reservoir where there are a lot of excellent smells.”

Why are you excited to be a therapy dog?

“I already know the words work and school. When I hear them, I wag my tail and head for the car. I like to lie in my bed and get petted there. Sometimes there are people… who like to hold me in class…After that, I check in with mom and typically go back to my bed. The kids have been really nice to me and patient while I learn their smells; so many have their own pets. I really like how kind people have been to me and how they are excited to see me and make me feel loved. I like when my students slow down and take a little time to relax with me.”

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