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Jessie Lambert

Olivia Almy, tennis

Committed to: Claremont McKenna

How does it feel to be committed?

“It was really nice when everyone was applying to colleges because I only had to apply to one while everyone was stressing out. I already knew that I was in, but it’s also a little scary because I know that I have to go play tennis out in California, but I think it will be fun.”

What made you choose this school?

“I really wanted warm weather, so that was the main thing. I love the coach. I got to visit too, and I was really lucky because I got to meet all the girls. I liked all of them, and I really like California too. 

What does it mean to you to play a sport in college?

“I’m really excited about the team aspect because tennis is super individual, and you get sick of playing tournaments in New England after a while, so I’m really excited for the team. It’s comforting that I’ll always have them.

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