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Compiled Tisya Singh

Roving Reporter: Reflecting on two years of the pandemic

Harbinger reporters asked students and faculty about their thoughts and experiences of living through the past two years with COVID-19.

Compiled by: Luke Utzschneider, Yahya Ibrahimi, Joceline Giron, Andrew Roberts, Ava Arcona, Victoria Andreev, Delaney Cosentino, Ashleigh Girad, Marygrace Sarrasin, Linda Hu, Katy O’Connell, Tisya Singh, Jessie Lambert, Claire Bai, Meredith Sainsbury, Nick McEvoy, Lily Chan, Zoe Manousos, Grace Griffin, Holly Cavanna, Hannah Thompson, Kate Michel, Nick Klein, Tucker Paquette, Grace Bouzan, Zach Ely, Arielle Chin, Brianna Tang, and Ananya Pandit

Freshman Josh Vandewater
Sophomore Adam Ayzenshtat
Freshman Alex Qi
Junior Alex Reineke
Junior Amelia Sellers
Sophomore Autumn Stewart
English teacher Jane Betar
Sophomore Erica Lin
Sophomore Viviana Levin
Freshman Evan Morgan
Sophomore Lily Fruhan
Science teacher Kenneth Wadman
Freshman Saud Aljohani
Junior Lilia Trevino
Custodian Joao Souza
Senior Juan Benatuil
Sophomore Sitan Zhan
Latin teacher Shawn Staines
Chemistry teacher Emma Travassos
Administrative Assistant Jackie Garvey
Senior Jaiden Wilde
Sophomore Sue Gurung
Sophomore Samantha Sutton
Sophomore Jayden Edwards
Sophomore Nabia Tang
Senior Devondrick Ines
Senior Christina Kennedy
Senior Nicole Egizi
Junior Katia Nicholson
Senior Carmen Hudson
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